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Once on the way of an ordinary Uber driver with an incredibly gentle character named Stu, a gloomy policeman appears who decides to take a taxi. But it turns out that a police officer is at work - he is watching a dangerous criminal. Stu will probably also have to take part in the chase, because the cop is not going to go out. In addition, the taxi driver's working rating is now at stake.

Ali, the steering wheels! Is an American comedy action movie Nonton Film Online from the producer of Night Games John Francis Daly. The film was directed by Canadian Michael Dawes. Interestingly, during his career, the director was engaged not only in feature films, but also in music videos. Filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and lasted for two months. It is known that the film company 20th Century Fox was in charge of them, after in 2016 it bought the script for the film from Tripper Clancy.

The main role was played by Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiani. Through television, the actor gained wide popularity, which gave him the opportunity to take part in full meters - Life as it is, Hell's Child, Hello, my name is Doris. The picture has an age limit - it is recommended for viewing by viewers over 16 years old.