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CCTV is a television (video surveillance) system limited to the territory of an object. In essence, this abbreviation does not mean any particular type of equipment.

As part of such systems, you can find CCTV cameras Paket CCTV Murah and other devices with a variety of technical characteristics.

Initially, the resolution of analog cameras was more than modest D1 (704 × 576) or 960H (960 × 576). But with the arrival of a serious competitor on the market - digital systems, new analog video formats with high definition were developed:

  •     HD (1280 × 720);
  •     Full HD (1920 × 1080),

which surpass the old CCTV in quality and image detail by 2-5 times.

The ability to get a high-quality image of people's faces, car numbers or banknotes has made analog systems competitive.

Also, one should take into account the huge number of already deployed networks based on coaxial cable, which, in most cases, is not suitable for transmitting a digital signal without significant modernization.

High-definition analog CCTV cameras are not too expensive compared to digital IP cameras. Recently, high-resolution analog standards have been actively competing for IP video surveillance systems:

  •     HD TVI;
  •     HD CVI;
  •     AHD.

The advantages and disadvantages of various CCTV video surveillance systems (analog and IP) will be discussed below.