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Four episodes are presented to the audience interested in science fiction. Phoenix 9 tells about people who survived a nuclear apocalypse who have to survive in a new reality. They wander in search of refuge in the scorched territory, not thinking about the fact that security has a very high price.

The Seed plot tells the story of forty-year-old Nelson, planning suicide on his birthday. Unexpectedly for himself, he questions the decision made the day before. Nelson recalls his life and says goodbye to his beloved, at the last moment he has a reassessment of values.

Drama Infinity introduces Jane's girlfriend. She is an astronaut.

Jane is to go to Mars soon. In the meantime, she spends time with her loved ones. The story of Return focuses on the experiments of a scientist sending requests across time spaces.

A dramatic action movie with elements of science fiction 5 galaxies - a joint project of American and German filmmakers at indofilm. The film is a kind of almanac that combines several short stories of fantastic content.

Alternative title - Proverbs of Artificial Intelligence. The release took place on digital media and on the Internet. The feed became available to viewers in the United States on December 10, 2019.